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How To Build a Huge Instagram Following Through Stories


You might have heard about how Instagram has now become another avenue for brands to grow their businesses and reach customers. It’s reported that more than half of the new brand awareness comes from digital channels these days. The growing popularity of Instagram as a marketing platform has also made it more competitive than ever as marketers are starting to see results from more and more strategies. Instagram Stories has changed the game when it comes to being clever and authentic with your social media marketing strategy. It has made visibility an even bigger factor, while at the same time making authenticity a must if you want to grow your business consistently through social media. It is not easy maintaining a high level of engagement on different platforms and at different times of the day. However, if you have a solid strategy in place, you can easily achieve this by using Stories well in your strategy as well as your other platforms. A few keyword search terms here and there and you’ll begin seeing results very quickly after implementing them in your overall strategy.

What are Instagram Stories?

In a nutshell, Instagram Stories are short-form videos that can be up to 15 seconds long, that you can post to your story on your profile. They’re separate from your profile’s regular content and timeline, and they’ll disappear after 24 hours unless you choose to re-publish them. You can use this feature to create more engaging content that isn’t bogged down by the rules of publishing a longer piece of content on your regular profile. We can also use Instagram Stories as a way to promote your business without impacting your organic reach. We can schedule an Instagram Story to publish every day, twice a day, making it easy to create content that’s relevant to your target audience. The best thing about posting to your story is that you can post images and videos without having to worry about copying and pasting Facebook content! You can post from your phone, camera, computer, or iPad.

Why You Need to Be on Instagram Stories

With such a huge audience as Instagram Stories already has, it would be a mistake to focus only on the organic reach of your organic posts. With the immense popularity of Instagram Stories, it can now be argued that you should be on both platforms. IGTV launching soon, this is going to be even more crucial. While now, only a small percentage of Instagram users are using Instagram Stories, once these users are on Instagram Stories, they’re going to be exploring the platform for new consumption habits. Therefore, you must get onto Instagram Stories now, before it grows in popularity even more. This is because once these users are on the Stories platform, you can guarantee that you’ll be able to see results from the huge following you have on your stories.

Tips to Grow Your Insta Story Following In 24 Hours

  • Constantly post daily, preferably twice a day, and take advantage of the 15-second limit on your posts. 
  • Add images and videos to your stories that are creative, inspiring, and original. This will help you grow your following and build your brand. 
  • Craft your posts around topics that are relevant to your target audience and add a personal touch to your stories. 
  • Include gifs, memes, and images in your stories. This will help you connect with your followers and grow your following quickly. 
  • Use the same username on both Instagram and Facebook. This will help you keep track of your posts and grow your following quickly.
  • Be authentic, be real, and be yourself. You’re only as good as your real life, so be as genuine as possible when posting your stories.
  • Add call-to-actions and ask questions in your posts. This will help you grow your following and increase engagement.
  • Use hashtags in your stories whenever possible. This will help you grow your following and get your posts discovered more easily. 
  • Use captions that are under 30 characters long. 
  • Share your stories on your account as well as your friends’ accounts. This will help you build your following and grow your account even more. 
  • Use MrInsta. This will help you get free Instagram follows and likes. 
  • Use the built-in analytics on Instagram Stories to see what posts are working best and what you could do to improve your posts. This will help you grow your following and find new ways to engage with your followers. 
  • Schedule your posts as you would a post on your normal Instagram post. This will help you grow your following even more. 
  • Use tools such as Buffer to schedule posts on your stories as well as your timeline posts on Facebook. This will help you grow your following even more and increase the amount of exposure your content gets.

How to Build a Massive Following on Instagram Stories

If you have a massive following on your Instagram Stories, you have a chance to grow your following even more on this platform! This can be a great way to drive leads to your ecommerce store. With Instagram Stories, you’re not limited to using just images, you can also use videos to promote your products and give potential customers a sneak peek into your life. While you can use the same topics that you use on your regular posts, you can also use them differently. For example, if you like to post travel content, you can use your Instagram Stories as a way to tell stories from your dreams and your travels. You can also use this platform to post memes and images that you’ve taken while traveling. This can be a great way to expose your audience to a different side of your personality. You can also use Instagram Stories to post behind-the-scenes videos about your products. This can be a great way to demonstrate the ease of use of your products and show off their design. You can also use Instagram Stories to share quotes or poems that relate to your brand or products. This can be a great way to show that you have a certain level of creativity as well as an openness to sharing different things with your audience.

How to Monetize Your Instagram Story Account

You can monetize your Instagram Story account even if you have a small following on this platform. Not only does this help you make money, but it also helps you grow your following fast! For example, let’s say that you’re selling T-shirts, and you’d like to promote them on your Instagram Story account. You could hire a designer to create a T-shirt with a message that’s related to the theme of your story. Once the design is done, you can post a video of you wearing the T-shirt and talking about the message in your story. This will attract the audience that follows your story to buy your product and give you a chance to sell more products. You can also use this method to promote your products that don’t have a direct theme to them, such as stickers or other types of products that you don’t have an e-commerce store for.

Find and Engage with People Via Stories

With the huge growth of Instagram Stories, it’s easy to miss out on the content on this platform without having a strategy in place. You need to make sure you’re always posting on both platforms, especially Instagram Stories if you want to see results. This can be a great way to expose your followers to a different side of your personality, and it can be a great way to grow your following and make money on Instagram Stories.

Create a Goal-Based Audience for your Story

The best way to grow your following on Instagram Stories is to create a goal-based audience based on your desired results. Keep in mind that you want your Instagram Story posts to be as varied and creative as possible, while still keeping them within the Instagram Story guidelines. As you create your stories, think about how you want to grow your following and what you want your results to be. This will help you create content that you’re confident in.


Instagram Stories are a great way to get creative with your social media strategy. By using them, you can easily create engaging content that runs much longer than a regular Instagram post. You can leverage the power of storytelling in the age of infinite content to reach out to your audience in a new and fun way that is not available on your regular feed. Stories are an excellent opportunity to build your brand and grow your following. You only need to take advantage of these features to create content that is engaging and interesting. With these tips, you can easily grow your Instagram following on Stories and increase engagement.

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